World Première

SynopsisDIRECTOR: Jacque Oldfield & Adelheid Reinecke Dykeumentary - feme dyke
South Africa 2009 93min

JHB Sat 5th / 6.30pm + GUESTS Sat 12th / 6pm + GUESTS
CT Mon 14th / 8.30pm + GUESTS Wed 16th / 6.15pm + GUESTS

With tongue firmly in cheek, this amusing and inventive dykeumentary roams the streets interviewing chic chick Jean Pierre and her listless lackey, Sophia; Sam, the skateboarder and her balance-challenged scatty bi girlfriend; Petunia the heavy huntresses, butcher, baker and biltong maker; Jane Radford the prissy intellectual; and MuffDaddy the hardcore rapper and her pimped posse. Telling interviews and vignettes bridge the gap between perception and reality and reveal more about each situation than the interviewees would prefer. Interspersed with witty pointers on ‘Safe Sex for Lesbians’ the film is light, full of humour and quick of pace as it frolics through the full spectrum of vagitarians in Gauteng.

Directors Oldfield and Reinecke are guests of the Festival and will conduct Q&As after screenings in Jozi & CT.

Preceded by Inclinations

Photos by Christina Reinecke

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Photos by Christina Reinecke