Worlds collide between three strangers divided by economics, social status, gender, race and sexuality

SynopsisDIRECTOR: Simon Pearce SHANK GANG
UK 2008 89min

JHB Sun 6th / 8.15pm + GUEST Wed 9th / 9.15pm + GUESTS Fri 11th / 9.15pm + SA GUESTS
CT Fri 11th / 8.45pm + GUESTS Mon 14th / 8.30pm + GUESTS Wed 16th / 6.30pm

Shank is 21 year-old Pearce’s debut feature, based on a script co-written and produced by Christian Martin. In working class Britain, gang member Cal runs with a disaffected mob of heavy-drinking, drug-dependent hoodies, preying on the weak to feed their habits. His ‘manly’ bravado hides the truth about his sexuality, a risky revelation at odds with the gang’s homophobic bent. Rescuing a French exchange student from a gay-bashing by the gang sets him dangerously apart from his so-called friends and on a path as punishing as it is potentially promising. Pearce’s explicit, shocking, largely hand-held film has already picked up an international award and breathes new life into British independent, alternative cinema.

British CouncilDirector Pearce and Producer Martin are guests of the Festival. Pearce travels courtesy of the British Council. They will conduct Q&As after screenings in Jozi and CT. See Programme for details.

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Awards Wayne & Marc get naked

  • Miami L&GFF 2009 – Roger Walker-Dack Award for Emerging Talents in Queer Cinema.

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