Society II

World Première

SynopsisDIRECTOR: Adze Ugah
South Africa 2009 90min

JHB Mon 7th / 9.15pm + GUESTS Thu 10th / 9.15pm + GUESTS Sat 12th / 8pm
CT Sun 13th / 6.15pm + GUESTS Wed 16th / 8.45pm Sat 19th / 8.15pm

The Society series screened at OIA in 2007. OIA then suggested and sponsored a feature cut of the lesbian story which would screen at the OIA Satellite Festivals. This feature has since travelled the world and has been a roaring success at numerous international festivals. And now they’re back in Society II – a special feature cut (again sponsored by OIA) of the sexy lesbian drama in the fascinating world of cosmopolitan Jozi with all its expectations of the young, black, fabulous fems. In the first film Beth (Sibulele Gcilitshana), under severe pressure from her girlfriend Thuli (Ferry Jele), finally came out, but is now faced with the reality of really living out of the closet, and the consequences of her actions. Will she step up to her truth, as the strong black woman she knows herself to be, or cave in under the pressure of society’s prejudice? Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of emotions, from the good, the bad, to the harrowingly ugly.

Writers/Producers Mamabolo and Matsetela are guests of the Festival and will conduct Q&As after screenings in Jozi and in CT.