The Baby Formula

In the beginning, sperm came from men…

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DIRECTOR: Alison Reid
Canada 2008 81min

JHB Fri 4th / 7pm Tue 8th / 7.15pm Fri 11th / 7.15pm
CT Tue 15th / 7pm Fri 18th / 6.30pm Sun 20th / 5.30pm

If you ever wondered if modern science would make men obsolete (or at least procreatively unnecessary), then this funny and very human Canadian comedy, with pacy dialogue and snappy performances, could provide one possible scenario.

Lilith and Athena are married and want their own biological children. Luckily, Athena works in a cutting-edge, genetics laboratory that has created ‘female sperm’ from stem cells. Athena and, on the sly, Lilith get one of the professors on their side and become human lab rats. The result is two highly hormonal, fiercely loving, swollen-bellied women who are trying to come to terms with the idea that they are going to be parents. However, first they must break their ‘immaculate’ conception to their highly dysfunctional families, whilst navigating a film crew that is documenting the groundbreaking story.


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  • ACTRA Toronto Award 2008 – Best Female Performance (Rosemary Dunsmore)
  • Inside Out Toronto LGBT Film and Video Festival 2009 – Audience Award, Jury Award for Best Performance

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  • Actress Angela Vint (Athena) actually went into labour while rehearsing the scene where she goes in to labour.