What Love Means (Sa raison d’être)

Synopsis What Love Means
DIRECTOR: Renaud Bertrand
France 2008 180min

JHB Sun 6th / 5.30pm Thu 10th / 7pm Sun 13th / 5.30pm
CT Sun 13th / 7pm Thu 17th / 6.15pm Sun 20th / 6.15pm

A sweeping drama and ‘history’, this 2 part made-for-television film is a warm, engrossing, easy-to-watch, beautifully acted epic that charts the lives of a group of friends through the epoch of the AIDS pandemic in France—-from 1980 to the present day&emdashand reveals a truly contemporary interpretation of ‘family’. Bruno is the gorgeous straight cabinetmaker, Nicolas his gay friend, and Nathalie (Nicolas’ sister) is the love of Bruno’s life. As it is diagnosed, the disease changes their lives and the compelling individual stories of the three, as well as their friends, lovers and families, link and interweave, revealing a tapestry of shared heartbreak, testing courage and underlining it all, deepest love.

This film will be screened in two parts. There will be a 20 minute break in between for refreshments.

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