Our sex makes us men or women… or both

SynopsisDIRECTOR: Lucía Puenzo XXT
Argentina/France/Spain 2007 86min

JHB Sat 5th / 8.15pm + GUEST Wed 9th / 7pm + GUESTS Fri 11th / 9pm
CT Sat 12th / 8.45pm + GUESTS Tue 15th / 8.15pm + GUESTS Thu 17th / 9pm

Now that the Film & Publication Board’s 2008 banning order on the film has been overturned, OIA has the pleasure of presenting XXY, director Lucía Puenzo and actor Inés Efrón (Alex), to Festival audiences.

Living in a coastal Uruguayan town, 15 year old Alex has been isolated and protected by her parents, Kraken and Suli. As puberty get its grip on the teen, they think that now is the time for Alex to make a decision regarding her gender identity. Suli invites a top plastic surgeon and his family to stay and assist them with a decision. However, sexually aggressive Alex is far more interested in the surgeon’s closeted son, Alvaro. Whilst the parents agonise over the conundrum presented by Alex’s confusing gender, the teens get on with their complex exploration of sexuality and identity. Beautifully shot, sparsely scripted and with stellar performances, this calmly observed, quietly unassuming film is as much about the psychological fallout of family anxieties as the confusion surrounding gender and sexual orientation.

Argentine EmbassyDirector Puenzo and Actor Efrón are guests of the Festival. They will conduct Q&As after screenings in Jozi and in CT — see our programme for details.


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Awards XXY

  • For a full list, see XXY’s Awards page on IMDB!
  • Cannes 2007 – Critics Week Grand Prize and Grand Golden Rail
  • Edinburgh IFF 2007 – New Director’s Award
  • San Francisco ILGFF 2008 Audience Award Best Feature Film
  • Athens IFF – Golden Athena Award
  • Bangkok IFF – Golden Kinnaree Award Best Picture
  • Goya Awards 2008 Best Spanish Language Foreign Film
  • San Francisco IL&GFF 2008 – Audience Award Best Feature Film

Trivia XXY

  • In 2007, XXY was chosen to represent Argentina at the Oscars, for the Best Foreign Language Film category. In a rare sweep, it was also chosen to represent Argentina at Spain’s Goya Awards, for Best Foreign Film in Spanish. The tradition has been for two separate films to be sent to one of the awards each. The runner-up this year, in both cases, was La señal (2007), also starring (and co-directed by) Ricardo Darín.