James, Dir: Connor Clements, Northern Ireland 2008 17min
(Official Selection, Sundance 2009)
In what is one of the most powerful (and multi-award winning) films of the Festival, first-time director Clemens delves briefly, but with devastating effect, into the turmoil and confusion of a young boy’s life as he comes to terms with his gayness. Unflinching, brave and sensitively done, it is an indictment of the dangers of political correctness and speaks volumes about the compulsion to come out and what the lack of support can do to youth. The film triumphs largely thanks to a masterful performance from young actor Niall Wright. Precedes CURIOSITY OF CHANCE.

  • Belfast FF 2008 – Best Northern Irish Film
  • Dublin ILL&GFF 2008 – Best Short Gaze
  • Iris Prize Festival 2008 – Best UK Short
  • Honolulu IFF 2009 – Gold Kahuna Award
  • Honolulu Rainbow FF 2009 – Best Short
  • UK National Student FF 2009 – Grand Jury Award