DIRECTOR: Cyrus Amini
USA 2007 91min

JHB: FRI 5 @ 11pm MON 8 @ 9pm Sat 13 @ 8pm
CPT: FRI 12 @ 11pm WED 17 @ 9.15pm FRI 19 @ 10.45pm

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A gritty, ‘in the moment’ gallop through the red-light district of San Francisco, this is a journey into the uncensored life, loves and tricks of its street hustlers. Sometimes working alone, sometimes as a pair, clean-cut, bi-sexual surfer boy Marcus and fast-talking, edgy Dot.com spend their nights loitering the streets, dodging drug dealers and luring curb-crawlers looking for quick-release sex. Partners in crime and experience, both are damned to this life, escaping traumatic childhoods and betrayals. But as dark as the smut in Marcus’ life is, it does have its moments, including a dependable father-figure’s obsession that’s handy in a tight squeeze, and the good-natured attentions of a dazzled young girl. Honest, riveting performances and a fast pace ensures compelling viewing that reveals far more humanity and understanding than you would expect.


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