DIRECTOR: Tim Fywell
UK/Canada/Romania 2008 90min

JHB: SUN 7 @ 6.15pm FRI 12 @ 8.30pm SUN 14 @ 8.30pm
CPT: TUES 16 @ 8.45pm FRI 19 @ 8.45pm SUN 21 @ 6pm

In the sumptuous tradition of costume drama comes an inspired film based on Sarah Water’s second book. Already thwarted in love, when her father dies, Margaret Prior’s hopes and dreams of escaping her rigid, upper middle class existence die with him.

Determined to channel her energy into something positive, she volunteers as a ‘lady visitor’ at Millbank, the notorious women’s prison. There she becomes infatuated with the luminous convict Selina Dawes. Before being incarcerated, Dawes had built a successful following as a spirit medium. Now, surrounded by her spirits, quietly spoken Dawes invests all her faith in the intelligent and frustrated Margaret.

An affecting mystery and erotic romance with a gothic twist, Affinity perfectly conveys the Victorian’s obsession with the spiritual, and their experiments in the shadowy world of séances, boisterous spirits and indecorous passion.

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