DIRECTOR: Jérôme Foulon
2004 106min
French with English subtitles

JHB: SAT 6 @ 7pm (PANEL) MON 8 @ 7.30pm
CPT: SAT 13 @ 6pm (PANEL) WED 17 @ 7.15pm

Dignified, elegant and aloof, pharmaceutical saleswoman Léa, turns heads and hearts wherever she goes. However alluring her detached persona is, it points to a deep, dark secret that is kept successfully hidden from everyone but her transsexual friend Joy.

When she is bullied into going to Paris on business, she must not only dodge the advances of her amorous co-worker, but also resist the magnetic curiosity that leads her to initially watch from afar and then introduce herself to the spouse and two children she abandoned over ten years ago.

This impressive film sympathetically and realistically captures Léa’s anguish at her deception, as well as the confusion and betrayal felt by those left behind.

PANEL: Gender DynamiX panel discussion at the times indicated above.

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