Israel 2006 114min

JHB: TUES 9 @ 7.30pm (PANEL & GUEST) FRI 12 @ 8.45pm SUN 14 @ 6.15pm
CPT: FRI 12 @ 8.30pm (GUEST) SUN 14 @ 6pm SAT 20 @ 7.45pm

From the director of Yossie and Jagger comes another tale of love in the time of war. Hottie Noam returns to the hip Sheikin St. district of Tel Aviv and his vivacious housemates, designer/perfume attendant Lulu and waiter Yali, after doing his obligatory stint in the army. Following hot on his heals is gorgeous Ashraf, a Palestinian that Noam swapped glances with during the chaos of border duty. Together the four form a band of merry left-thinking, Westernised urban-revellers that is almost entirely removed from the ethnic and spiritual confict, save for organising a Rave for Peace.

But the all-pervading confict must find them eventually and, with the extreme elements on both sides not so far away, their idealistic ‘bubble’ must burst. This captivating ode to gay transcendental love – sexual, familial, and platonic – encapsulates the surreal lives lived by young gays and straights, Jews and Arabs, men and women, in Israel today.


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  • Audience Award – Inside Out, Toronto 2007 and Torino IG&LFF 2007
  • Berlinale 2007 CICAE Award, Siegessäule Panorama & Reader Jury
  • 2008 GLAAD Media Award

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