DIRECTOR: Luke Woodward
2005 61min

JHB: THURS 11 @ 7.30pm SUN 14 @ 6.30pm
CPT: FRI 12 @ 7.30pm TUES 16 @ 7.15pm

Preceeded by Bandages, Socks and Facial Hair

Explicit yet profound, this raunchy film navigates the rarely discussed reality of being a female-to-male/trans man. Putting aside the usual socio-political discussions on gender and surgical re-assignment, Woodward explores the personal perspectives of nine candid trans men and their partners. Accompanied by graphic demonstrations, the film exposes each person’s celebration of their body image, the limits of language and vocabulary, and how they perceive sex and sexual relationships. The interviewees come from a range of backgrounds, from dominatrix to Cherokee to hippy slave, and honestly deconstruct both social and self-imposed expectations on love, sexual roles, polygamy, power dynamics and surgical options. Rocking to the trans/queer soundtrack, Woodward’s documentary expertly clears the murky waters surrounding trans people by giving us that rare and valuable gift – the thoughts and feelings of those directly involved and affected.

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