DIRECTOR: Daniel Karslake
2007 100min

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CPT: MON 15 @ 6.30pm (PANEL) THURS 18 @ 7pm

Homosexuality is a sin – or so a sector of fundamental Christians would have us believe. In this intimate yet provocative film, the families of five gay Christian Americans discuss what homosexuality has meant to their family, and how familial love and acceptance has triumphed over the alienation and rejection endorsed by their churches. Adding intellectual fuel to the fire, the filmmaker debunks myths surrounding homosexuality through a cartoon illustrating scientific fact, two Harvard theologians deconstruct the scriptures (and the contextual meaning of ‘abomination’), and world experts, including our own Archbishop Tutu, express their opinions on discrimination and the intentional misinterpretation of the scriptures. In this thorough, positive and ultimately hopeful documentary, the filmmaker presents a complex subject with both personal and intellectual arguments that encourages people to examine their beliefs rather than mindlessly accept the words of others.

2008 Oscar nominated

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