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25 Cent Preview

DIRECTOR: Cyrus Amini
2007 91min

JHB: FRI 5 @ 11pm MON 8 @ 9pm Sat 13 @ 8pm
CPT: FRI 12 @ 11pm WED 17 @ 9.15pm FRI 19 @ 10.45pm

Preceeded by Area X

A gritty, ‘in the moment’ gallop through the red-light district of San Francisco, this is a journey into the uncensored life, loves and tricks of its street hustlers. Sometimes working alone, sometimes as a pair, clean-cut, bi-sexual surfer boy Marcus and fast-talking, edgy Dot.com spend their nights loitering the streets, dodging drug dealers and luring curb-crawlers looking for quick-release sex. Partners in crime and experience, both are damned to this life, escaping traumatic childhoods and betrayals. But as dark as the smut in Marcus’ life is, it does have its moments, including a dependable father-figure’s obsession that’s handy in a tight squeeze, and the good-natured attentions of a dazzled young girl. Honest, riveting performances and a fast pace ensures compelling viewing that reveals far more humanity and understanding than you would expect. (Check out the Photo Gallery). Book online at Nu Metro.


DIRECTOR: Tim Fywell
UK/Canada/Romania 2008 90min

JHB: SUN 7 @ 6.15pm FRI 12 @ 8.30pm SUN 14 @ 8.30pm
CPT: TUES 16 @ 8.45pm FRI 19 @ 8.45pm SUN 21 @ 6pm

In the sumptuous tradition of costume drama comes an inspired film based on Sarah Water’s second book. Already thwarted in love, when her father dies, Margaret Prior’s hopes and dreams of escaping her rigid, upper middle class existence die with him.Determined to channel her energy into something positive, she volunteers as a ‘lady visitor’ at Millbank, the notorious women’s prison. There she becomes infatuated with the luminous convict Selina Dawes. Before being incarcerated, Dawes had built a successful following as a spirit medium. Now, surrounded by her spirits, quietly spoken Dawes invests all her faith in the intelligent and frustrated Margaret.An affecting mystery and erotic romance with a gothic twist, Affinity perfectly conveys the Victorian’s obsession with the spiritual, and their experiments in the shadowy world of séances, boisterous spirits and indecorous passion. (Check out the Photo Gallery). Book online at Nu Metro.

Another Woman (Une Autre Femme)

DIRECTOR: Jérôme Foulon
2004 106min
French with English subtitles

JHB: SAT 6 @ 7pm (PANEL) MON 8 @ 7.30pm
CPT: SAT 13 @ 6pm (PANEL) WED 17 @ 7.15pm

Dignified, elegant and aloof, pharmaceutical saleswoman Léa, turns heads and hearts wherever she goes. However alluring her detached persona is, it points to a deep, dark secret that is kept successfully hidden from everyone but her transsexual friend Joy.When she is bullied into going to Paris on business, she must not only dodge the advances of her amorous co-worker, but also resist the magnetic curiosity that leads her to initially watch from afar and then introduce herself to the spouse and two children she abandoned over ten years ago.This impressive film sympathetically and realistically captures Léa’s anguish at her deception, as well as the confusion and betrayal felt by those left behind. (Check out the Photo Gallery). Book online at Nu Metro.

PANEL: Gender DynamiX panel discussion at the times indicated above.

Breakfast With Scot

DIRECTOR: Laurie Lynd
Canada 2007 95min

JHB: SAT 6 @ 6.15pm THURS 11 @ 9.30pm SAT 13 @ 6.15pm
CPT: FRI 12 @ 6.30pm FRI 19 @ 6.30pm SUN 21 @ 6.15pm

A fun, breezy film about tolerance, acceptance and the struggle for identity where an eleven year old unwittingly teaches adults more about themselves and their sexuality than they would care to know.Eric McNally is a legendary ice hockey player with a reputation for violence that comes back to hit him on the head and out of the game. Now, five years later, he is a TV sports caster who can barely bring himself to say he is gay, let alone publically acknowledge his partner, Sam. Then, out of the blue, the instantly lovable, boa-wearing, flamboyant orphan Scot pirouettes into their life and turns it upside down. Eric and Scot begin to begin to spend a lot of time together, and while Scot is more interested in Christmas carols and musicals than hockey, he is willing to try anything to please Eric. (Check out the Photo Gallery). Book online at Nu Metro.

Brother Outsider: The Life of Bayard Rustin

DIRECTOR: Nancy Kates & Bennet Singer
USA 2003 83min

JHB: FRI 5 @ 8pm (GUESTS) TUES 9 @ 7pm (GUESTS)
CPT: SAT 13 @ 5.30pm (GUESTS) MON 15 @ 8.45pm

This is a thrilling and important story – the life and work of Bayard Rustin, the gay man who mentored Martin Luther King. A visionary crusader, Rustin has been called the “unknown hero” and the “invisible man” of the American civil rights movement. Why invisible? Because he dared to live openly as gay man during a time of homophobia so fierce that it kept most LGBTI people deeply closeted. Why an outsider? Because as a black gay man he challenged stereotypes within both the black and the white establishments of his time – stereotypes that still affect black gays and lesbians in our world. Brother Outsider, a moving and engaging record of Rustin’s life, reveals the price he paid for his openness and chronicles his triumphs and setbacks over 60 years —including his role as chief organizer of the huge 1963 March on Washington. This story is one that will warm South Africans, black and white, gay or straight, while making them reflect on what remains to be done for justice in our own country. (Check out the Photo Gallery). Book online at Nu Metro.

Director Singer and Walter Naegle, Rustin’s life partner, are guests of the Festival. Justice Cameron will introduce the screening on 5 Sept in JHB.

The Bubble (Ha-Buah)

Israel 2006 114min

JHB: TUES 9 @ 7.30pm (PANEL & GUEST) FRI 12 @ 8.45pm SUN 14 @ 6.15pm
CPT: FRI 12 @ 8.30pm (GUEST) SUN 14 @ 6pm SAT 20 @ 7.45pm

From the director of Yossie and Jagger comes another tale of love in the time of war. Hottie Noam returns to the hip Sheikin St. district of Tel Aviv and his vivacious housemates, designer/perfume attendant Lulu and waiter Yali, after doing his obligatory stint in the army. Following hot on his heals is gorgeous Ashraf, a Palestinian that Noam swapped glances with during the chaos of border duty. Together the four form a band of merry left-thinking, Westernised urban-revellers that is almost entirely removed from the ethnic and spiritual conflict, save for organising a Rave for Peace. But the all-pervading conflict must find them eventually and, with the extreme elements on both sides not so far away, their idealistic ‘bubble’ must burst. This captivating ode to transcendental love – sexual, familial, and platonic – encapsulates the surreal lives lived by young gays and straights, Jews and Arabs, men and women, in Israel today. (Check out the Photo Gallery). Book online at Nu Metro.

Enough Man

DIRECTOR: Luke Woodward
USA 2005 61min

JHB: THURS 11 @ 7.30pm SUN 14 @ 6.30pm
CPT: FRI 12 @ 7.30pm TUES 16 @ 7.15pm

Preceeded by Bandages, Socks and Facial Hair

Explicit yet profound, this raunchy film navigates the rarely discussed reality of being a female-to-male/trans man. Putting aside the usual socio-political discussions on gender and surgical re-assignment, Woodward explores the personal perspectives of nine candid trans men and their partners. Accompanied by graphic demonstrations, the film exposes each person’s celebration of their body image, the limits of language and vocabulary, and how they perceive sex and sexual relationships. The interviewees come from a range of backgrounds, from dominatrix to Cherokee to hippy slave, and honestly deconstruct both social and self-imposed expectations on love, sexual roles, polygamy, power dynamics and surgical options. Rocking to the trans/queer soundtrack, Woodward’s documentary expertly clears the murky waters surrounding trans people by giving us that rare and valuable gift – the thoughts and feelings of those directly involved and affected. (Check out the Photo Gallery). Book online at Nu Metro.

For the Bible Tells Me So

DIRECTOR: Daniel Karslake
USA 2007 100min

JHB: MON 8 @ 7.15pm SAT 13 @ 7.30pm (PANEL)
CPT: MON 15 @ 6.30pm (PANEL) THURS 18 @ 7pm

Homosexuality is a sin – or so a sector of fundamental Christians would have us believe. In this intimate yet provocative film, the families of five gay Christian Americans discuss what homosexuality has meant to their family, and how familial love and acceptance has triumphed over the alienation and rejection endorsed by their churches. Adding intellectual fuel to the fire, the filmmaker debunks myths surrounding homosexuality through a cartoon illustrating scientific fact, two Harvard theologians deconstruct the scriptures (and the contextual meaning of ‘abomination’), and world experts, including our own Archbishop Tutu, express their opinions on discrimination and the intentional misinterpretation of the scriptures. In this thorough, positive and ultimately hopeful documentary, the filmmaker presents a complex subject with both personal and intellectual arguments that encourages people to examine their beliefs rather than mindlessly accept the words of others. (Check out the Photo Gallery). Book online at Nu Metro.

PANEL: Panel discussion at the times indicated above.

Itty Bitty Titty Committee

DIRECTOR: Jamie Babbit
USA 2007 86min

JHB: SAT 6 @ 8.15pm TUES 9 @ 7.15pm (GUEST) SAT 13 @ 8.30pm
CPT: SAT 13 @ 7.45pm (GUEST) THURS 18 @ 6.45pm SUN 21 @ 8.30pm

Preceeded by BFF

Shy, just-out-of-high-school Anna is depressed by her recent break up with her first girlfriend, and her plastic surgeon receptionist job only offers the option of a discount boob job to elevate her dampened spirits. Then one night Anna catches sexy siren Sadie defacing her clinic with a pro-body message. It transpires that Sadie is an activist for the underground women’s rights faction C(i)A or Clits in Action. Intrigued and hoping to become part of Sadie’s agenda (despite Sadie’s committed relationship with an old skool feminist), Anna joins the motley C(i)A crew, leaving behind the meek dormouse to become a bad-ass rebel-with-a-cause. Pulsating with a radical brand of gender politics accompanied by grungy, punk lesbian-rock, this loud, feisty activist comedy is an endearing introduction to dissident feminist groups and the ‘ballsy’ female anarchists who run them. (Check out the Photo Gallery). Book online at Nu Metro.

Producer Lisa Thrasher is a guest of the Festival.

Out at the Wedding

DIRECTOR: Lee Friedlander
USA 2007 96min

JHB: THURS 4 @ 7pm OPENING NIGHT SAT 6 @ 10.30pm THURS 11 @ 11pm
CPT: THURS 11 @ 7pm OPENING NIGHT MON 15 @ 9.30pm SAT 20 @ 8pm

Preceeded by Beyond Hate Crimes

Manhattanite Alex is in a pickle – blissfully in love with dashing airline pilot Dana, but embarrassed by a high-maintenance, prejudiced Southern family and unsure of how they will react to a Jewish African American addition to their family… and so Alex denies their existence. When flirtatious and competitive sister Jeannie announces her wedding, Alex lies to Dana and takes best friend Jonathan instead. Then, a slip of Jonathan’s tongue has the whole wedding believing that Alex is queer. Intrigued by this unexpected side to her sibling, Jeannie makes plans to visit Alex in Manhattan. When Jeannie arrives, Alex hires the luscious Risa to act the part of lover, but nothing plays out as planned. A light comedy-of-errors, this romp through the complex laws of truth and attraction is a smart, well-acted and unexpected love story. (Check out the Photo Gallery). Book online at Nu Metro.

Outing Riley

DIRECTOR: Pete Jones
USA 2004 87min

JHB: SAT 6 @ 6pm MON 8 @ 9.30pm SAT 13 @ 6pm
CPT: FRI 12 @ 6.30pm TUES 16 @ 9pm FRI 19 @ 6.45pm

Preceeded by 3 Good Things

Regular-guy Bobby is the epitome of an Irish Catholic lad living in Chicago. He is part of a close-knit family, and loves sport, beer and pranking around with his older brother Luke (Nathan Fillion of the cult series Firefy and Desperate Housewives fame). Only problem is that while happy at being the loved and lovable youngest brother, he is very firmly in the closet despite repeated urging and even threats from his sister, lover Andy and Carly, his pseudo girlfriend of five years. When he misses two perfect opportunities to come out, his sister takes matters into her own hands and breaks the news to their three older, boisterous brothers– pot-smoking Luke, porn-addicted Connor and priest Father Jack. Laid-back and cleverly crafted, this amusing comedy disarms stereotypes and expectations of what a gay man is meant to be and how he is meant to act. (Check out the Photo Gallery). Book online at Nu Metro.

The Quest for the Missing Piece (Behikvot Ahatiha Ahasera)

DIRECTOR: Oded Lotan
Israel 2007 52min

Preceeded by W-hole

JHB: SUN 7 @ 6pm WED 10 @ 7pm
CPT: SUN 14 @ 8.15pm THURS 18 @ 9pm

A religious rite of passage; a hidden badge of cultural identity; how can cutting a piece of genital skin encapsulate so much, and evoke so many conflicting thoughts, feelings and emotions? Confused by the emotive and universal subject of male circumcision, Oded (gay and Jewish) explores his own sense of belonging, religious adherence and cultural identity. With gentle humour, charm, wit and tenacious gumption, he doggedly pursues the subject by interviewing a vast array of people affected by the ritual. He speaks to parents who fear exclusion if their son is not circumcised, and parents who are adamant that their son not be assaulted. He speaks to a Russian adult who undergoes the operation to become ‘wholly Jewish’, celebrates with an Arab family at their son’s circumcision party, and searches for the mohel who performed his Brit milah thirty years previously. (Check out the Photo Gallery). Book online at Nu Metro.

Rampant – How a City Stopped a Plague

DIRECTOR: Victoria Midwinter Pitt
Australia 2007 57min

JHB: SAT 6 @ 8pm (PANEL) TUES 9 @ 9.15pm
CPT: WED 17 @ 7pm (PANEL) SAT 20 @ 6.30pm

In 1982 a visiting New York gardener booked into Sydney’s St Vincent’s Hospital. Not knowing what caused his mystery ‘cancer’ or how to treat it, the doctors released the gardener back onto the headily promiscuous streets of gay Sydney. He was the first patient diagnosed with AIDS in Australia. Faced with an epidemic and in unchartered waters, the government did the unthinkable: they involved the most afflicted communities, recruiting Federal Ministers, tabloid editors, nuns, drug dealers and sex workers. This unconventional committee accepted human nature and embarked on a series of highly successful shock-value awareness campaigns. Although this controversial decision was much maligned at the time, the Australian approach saved thousands of lives. A fascinating and timely lesson, this thorough documentary charts the positive effects of pragmatism and practicality that won over outrage and misplaced morality. (Check out the Photo Gallery). Book online at Nu Metro.

PANEL: Panel discussion at the times indicated above.

Saturn in Opposition (Saturno Contro)

DIRECTOR: Ferzan Ozpetek
Italy/Turkey 2007 110min

JHB: FRI 5 @ 9pm SUN 7 @ 8.15pm WED 10 @ 7.15pm
CPT: FRI 12 @ 11pm SAT 13 @ 10.45pm MON 15 @ 6.45pm

From the director of Hamam and Ignorant Fairies comes this tale of love and friendship. Gorgeous Lorenzo and older author Davide are the central loving couple of a close-knit sophisticated group of friends who loyally weather each other’s imperfections, insecurities and secrets with sensitivity and joviality. As all friends do, they occasionally fight and have their differences. But no matter how complex the group dynamic is it retains and supports them all throughout vivacious Roberta’s drug addiction, Neval’s cantankerous comments and Antonio’s errant ways. A good thing, as when tragedy strikes Lorenzo and his estranged father calls their relationship (and his response to it) into question, they all gather around in support despite their own personal, self-inflicted dramas. Altogether the film is not only a tender, slick and supremely enjoyable refection on Italian life, but also a universal insight into friendship in the face of sudden illness. (Check out the Photo Gallery). Book online at Nu Metro.

Savage Grace

Spain/USA/France 2007 97min

JHB: FRI 5 @ 11pm TUES 9 @ 9.30pm FRI 12 @ 11pm
CPT: SUN 14 @ 8.30pm THURS 18 @ 8.45pm SAT 20 @ 10.30pm

Award winning Kalin’s 1992 feature, Swoon, was based on the lives of killers-lovers Leopold and Loeb. His second feature, starring Julianne Moore in the lead, is also based on a true story about the heirs to the Bakelite fortune. Living the empty life of the idle rich, effervescent, tempestuous social butterfly Barbara is a stark contrast to her quiet, constrained husband Brooks Baekeland, the uncomfortable heir. Their only son, Tony, is brought up in the firing line of their relationship, smothered by his mother’s neediness and rejected by his father’s increasing emotional distance. As Tony matures he enters into a three-way relationship with drug dealer Jake and Spanish gold-digger Bianca. When Bianca goes off with his father, Barbara’s suicidal reaction requires Tony’s undivided attention and his relationship with his mother takes a particularly bizarre turn. Careening from New York in 1946 to London in 1972, via Paris and Spain, this true story with a stellar cast charts one family’s descent from decadence into a dysfunction that would make Jerry Spring proud. (Check out the Photo Gallery). Book online at Nu Metro.


DIRECTOR: Jonah Markowitz
USA 2007 97min

Preceeded by Farm

JHB: SAT 6 @ 10pm WED 10 @ 9pm SAT 13 @ 10.30pm
CPT: SAT 13 @ 8pm (CT PRIDE GALA) WED 17 @ 9.30pm SAT 20 @ 10.15pm

Young, talented artist Zach has sacrificed his dreams of going to art school in order to look after adorable nephew, Cody, which his self-centred sister seems incapable of doing. Stoic, despite his dim prospects as a line chef, he surfs, avoids on-again off-again girlfriend Tori, paints on any piece of real estate going and hangs out with his best-buddy, Gabe, who lives on the richer side of the tracks. One summer Zach is left to his own devices while Gabe chases pipes in far-flung locales. When Gabe’s studly older brother, Shaun camps out at the family home, Zach and he hook up to catch a few waves. Although the chemistry between them is undeniable, Zach becomes confused by this emotional curve-ball and its implications and has some important decisions to make. With great surf scenes and sensitive lensing, this summer coming-out and falling-in-love romance elegantly sidesteps clichés. (Check out the Photo Gallery). Book online at Nu Metro.

Cape Town Pride fundraiser is on Saturday 13 September 8pm.

Tick Tock Lullaby

DIRECTOR: Lisa Gornick
UK 2007 73min

JHB: MON 8 @ 7pm (GUEST) FRI 12 @ 7pm
CPT: SUN 14 @ 6pm (GUEST) SAT 20 @ 6.15pm

In theory, life partners Maya and Sasha are on the hunt for a sperm donor having decided to take the next step into parenthood. Practice, however, proves more difficult to achieve. Cruising the urban cafes and bars of London for the potential father of their child, the two lament that it so much easier for straight couples. But is it? Fiona and her partner, Todd, also on an impregnation mission, are not having the easiest of rides. Meanwhile, single photographer Gillian has decided to move on to the single parent stage and doesn’t seem to have as much trouble finding willing, if unsuitable, donors. This fresh, humorous look at the travails of getting pregnant and the anxieties surrounding impending motherhood is loosely interwoven and illustrated by Sasha’s pen and ink drawings. (Check out the Photo Gallery). Book online at Nu Metro.

Lisa Gornick is a guest of the Festival.

Times Have Been Better (Le Ciel sur la tête)

DIRECTOR: Regis Musset
France 2006 91min

JHB: SUN 7 @ 7pm THURS 11 @ 7.15pm SAT 13 @ 10.45pm
CPT: SAT 13 @ 10.30pm FRI 19 @ 10.30pm SUN 21 @ 8pm

In imitable quirky French style, the proud liberal parents of thirty-something, banker Jeremy descend into crisis when he celebrates moving into a new house with his older, long-term boyfriend by finally announcing to the family that he is gay. Seen from the point of view of his erstwhile loving and open-minded family, his upbeat father plummets into farcical, almost pathological, despair as he becomes obsessed with his son’s ‘position’ in the relationship. His supportive mother ventures on a voyage of self-discovery, befriends her bitter gay co-worker and re-evaluates the meaning of motherhood. Now that their shining light, Jeremy, has temporarily dimmed in their eyes, the youngest brother is unwittingly hauled into the spotlight. Questioning the strength of familial and other relationships that are often taken for granted, this delightful movie explores difficult personal questions in a fresh and approachable way. (Check out the Photo Gallery). Book online at Nu Metro.


DIRECTOR: Cherisse & Katrina Deaton
USA 2007 107min

JHB: WED 10 @ 7.30pm (GUEST & PANEL) SUN 14 @ 6pm
CPT: FRI 12 @ 8.30pm (GUEST) WED 17 @ 6.45pm

Taylor Hayes is a bright, sassy young black woman in a hetro-relationship, and an essential member of a dynamic foursome of friends. Scratch a little at the surface and we find that Taylor has a penchant for women and aggressively pursues them with a devil-may-care attitude. Taylor spends considerable energy in denial, trying to balance the extreme sides of her life, until she meets and seduces the beautiful, straight Mya. From a staunch Baptist family, Mya is bound to tell the truth about her new relationship, something that Taylor has trouble doing, and matters come to a head. Astute and engaging, this low budget film depicts the obstacles that the intolerant expectations of a community place in the path of true love. (Check out the Photo Gallery). Book online at Nu Metro.

Writer, actress Katrina Deaton is a guest of the Festival.


DIRECTOR: Angelina Maccarone
Germany 2007 97min

JHB: FRI 5 @ 9pm THURS 11 @ 9.15pm
CPT: MON 15 @ 7pm FRI 19 @ 7pm

From the director of two OIA hits (Unveiled and Everything Will Be Fine) comes this mature film, drifting with rich urban enchantment between the grungy streets of Germany and Rotterdam. The complex, looping narrative structure of this nocturnal road trip belies a simple and delightful tale of abandonment, responsibility and perception. Briefly, on Christmas Eve, responsible Francesca (a German taxi-driver) must go in search of her errant sister, Antoinetta, which leads her to a Rotterdam bar. Along the way she rescues the ageing Gerlinde, and falls in love with her, and Gerlinde nursing her own disappointments and for lack of anything better to do, tags along. As the 24-hour story rewinds and plays again from each woman’s perspective, the gaps are filled in and each event altered in the retelling. (Check out the Photo Gallery). Book online at Nu Metro.

Were The World Mine

DIRECTOR: Thomas Gustafson
USA 2008 95min

JHB: FRI 5 @ 7pm SUN 7 @ 7.30pm FRI 12 @ 6.45pm
CPT: SAT 13 @ 5.45pm TUES 16 @ 6.45pm FRI 19 @ 8.30pm

This fun, dazzling and amusing musical-of-errors with a first rate ensemble cast and dishy lead is a magical modern interpretation of Shakespeare set amidst the familiar scenarios of high school angst and adolescent crushes. Timothy copes at his expensive, testosterone-fuelled boys’ school by daydreaming elaborate musical extravaganzas that feature the school’s rugby team. When the eccentric drama coach casts him as Puck from Midsummer Night’s Dream, it looks like Timothy’s sequin-filled dreams could turn into reality. Especially when he finds a potent love spell hidden within the script. He now has the means, and his fascination for rugby star Jonathon provides the motive, to turn the whole narrow-minded small homophobic town gay. (Check out the Photo Gallery). Book online at Nu Metro.


DIRECTOR: Lucia Puenzo
Argentina/France/Spain 2007 86min

JHB: WED 10 @ 9.15pm FRI 12 @ 10.30pm SUN 14 @ 8.30pm
CPT: THURS 18 @ 7pm TUES 16 @ 7pm SAT 20 @ 6pm

Living in a coastal Uruguayan town, Alex has been isolated and protected, for the past 15 years, by her parents Kraken and Suli. As puberty gets its grip on the teenager they think that now is the time for Alex to make a decision regarding her gender identity. Her mother invites a top plastic surgeon and his family to stay with them, to assist with a decision, but sexually aggressive Alex is far more interested in the plastic surgeon’s closeted son, Alvaro. While the parent’s agonise over the conundrum of Alex’ gender, the teens get on with their complex exploration of sexuality and identity. Beautifully shot, sparsely scripted, with stellar performances, this calmly observed and quietly unassuming film is as much about the psychological fallout of family anxieties, than the confusion surrounding Alex’s gender. (Check out the Photo Gallery). Book online at Nu Metro.

You Belong To Me

DIRECTOR: Sam Zalutsky
USA 2007 82min

JHB: FRI 5 @ 6.45pm FRI 12 @ 7.30pm
CPT: SUN 14 @ 5.45pm SUN 21 @ 6pm

Preceeded by Snakes

In the vein of all suspense movies, this uneasy thriller follows the misfortunes of scorned rookie-architect Jeffery and his obsession with the man who jilted him – so much so he doesn’t see other dangers circling him. Jeffery hooks up with bad-boy Rene, but when foreplay is interrupted, Rene backs off and very obviously moves on. Jeffery stalks Rene, and even moves into the flat below, ignoring the creepiness of landlady Gladys (queer icon actress Patti D’Urbanville). But Jeffery’s transition into Rene’s life is not as silky as he expects, for Rene is involved and Jeffery’s attentions are unwelcome. And then there’s the troubling hurried nature of the previous tenant’s departure that comes into sharp focus when his boyfriend turns up one night drunk and hysterical. Although he makes some pretty erroneous decisions, Jeffery’s turn as stalker-turned-victim works its magic as the sinister building and its characters provoke claustrophobia and creeping paranoia. (Check out the Photo Gallery). Book online at Nu Metro.

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