DIRECTOR: Lee Friedlander
USA 2007 96min

JHB: THURS 4 @ 7pm OPENING NIGHT SAT 6 @ 10.30pm THURS 11 @ 11pm
CPT: THURS 11 @ 7pm OPENING NIGHT MON 15 @ 9.30pm SAT 20 @ 8pm

Preceeded by Beyond Hate Crimes

Manhattanite Alex is in a pickle – blissfully in love with dashing airline pilot Dana, but embarrassed by a high-maintenance, prejudiced Southern family and unsure of how they will react to a Jewish African American addition to their family… and so Alex denies their existence. When flirtatious and competitive sister Jeannie announces her wedding, Alex lies to Dana and takes best friend Jonathan instead. Then, a slip of Jonathan’s tongue has the whole wedding believing that Alex is queer. Intrigued by this unexpected side to her sibling, Jeannie makes plans to visit Alex in Manhattan. When Jeannie arrives, Alex hires the luscious Risa to act the part of lover, but nothing plays out as planned. A light comedy-of-errors, this romp through the complex laws of truth and attraction is a smart, well-acted and unexpected love story.

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  • Newfest NY 2008 – Audience Award Best Feature Film
  • 2008 New Now Next Awards – LOGO – Audience Choice for Best Feature

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