DIRECTOR: Pete Jones
USA 2004 87min

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Preceeded by 3 Good Things

Regular-guy Bobby is the epitome of an Irish Catholic lad living in Chicago. He is part of a close-knit family, and loves sport, beer and pranking around with his older brother Luke (Nathan Fillion of the cult series Firefy and Desperate Housewives fame). Only problem is that while happy at being the loved and lovable youngest brother, he is very firmly in the closet despite repeated urging and even threats from his sister, lover Andy and Carly, his pseudo girlfriend of five years. When he misses two perfect opportunities to come out, his sister takes matters into her own hands and breaks the news to their three older, boisterous brothers– pot-smoking Luke, porn-addicted Connor and priest Father Jack. Laid-back and cleverly crafted, this amusing comedy disarms stereotypes and expectations of what a gay man is meant to be and how he is meant to act.

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  • Newfest NY 2007 – Best US Narrative Film

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