DIRECTOR: Oded Lotan
Israel 2007 52min

Preceeded by W-hole

JHB: SUN 7 @ 6pm WED 10 @ 7pm
CPT: SUN 14 @ 8.15pm THURS 18 @ 9pm

A religious rite of passage; a hidden badge of cultural identity; how can cutting a piece of genital skin encapsulate so much, and evoke so many conflicting thoughts, feelings and emotions? Confused by the emotive and universal subject of male circumcision, Oded (gay and Jewish) explores his own sense of belonging, religious adherence and cultural identity. With gentle humour, charm, wit and tenacious gumption, he doggedly pursues the subject by interviewing a vast array of people affected by the ritual. He speaks to parents who fear exclusion if their son is not circumcised, and parents who are adamant that their son not be assaulted. He speaks to a Russian adult who undergoes the operation to become ‘wholly Jewish’, celebrates with an Arab family at their son’s circumcision party, and searches for the mohel who performed his Brit milah thirty years previously.

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  • Turin G&LFF Awards 2008 – Special Mention

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