DIRECTOR: Ferzan Ozpetek
Italy/Turkey 2007 110min

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From the director of Hamam and Ignorant Fairies comes this tale of love and friendship. Gorgeous Lorenzo and older author Davide are the central loving couple of a close-knit sophisticated group of friends who loyally weather each other’s imperfections, insecurities and secrets with sensitivity and joviality. As all friends do, they occasionally fight and have their differences. But no matter how complex the group dynamic is it retains and supports them all throughout vivacious Roberta’s drug addiction, Neval’s cantankerous comments and Antonio’s errant ways. A good thing, as when tragedy strikes Lorenzo and his estranged father calls their relationship (and his response to it) into question, they all gather around in support despite their own personal, self-inflicted dramas. Altogether the film is not only a tender, slick and supremely enjoyable refection on Italian life, but also a universal insight into friendship in the face of sudden illness. 

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  • David di Donatello Awards 2007: Best Supporting Actress
  • Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists 2007 – Best Actress, Best Screenplay

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