DIRECTOR: Jonah Markowitz
USA 2007 97min

Preceeded by Farm

JHB: SAT 6 @ 10pm WED 10 @ 9pm SAT 13 @ 10.30pm
CPT: SAT 13 @ 8pm (CT PRIDE GALA) WED 17 @ 9.30pm SAT 20 @ 10.15pm

Young, talented artist Zach has sacrificed his dreams of going to art school in order to look after adorable nephew, Cody, which his self-centred sister seems incapable of doing. Stoic, despite his dim prospects as a line chef, he surfs, avoids on-again off-again girlfriend Tori, paints on any piece of real estate going and hangs out with his best-buddy, Gabe, who lives on the richer side of the tracks. One summer Zach is left to his own devices while Gabe chases pipes in far-flung locales. When Gabe’s studly older brother, Shaun camps out at the family home, Zach and he hook up to catch a few waves. Although the chemistry between them is undeniable, Zach becomes confused by this emotional curve-ball and its implications and has some important decisions to make. With great surf scenes and sensitive lensing, this summer coming-out and falling-in-love romance elegantly sidesteps clichés.

The Cape Town Pride fundraiser is on Saturday, 13 September 2008 at 8pm.


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  • 2008 Melbourne Queer Film Festival – Audience Choice Award: Best Feature

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