DIRECTOR: Lisa Gornick
UK 2007 73min

JHB: MON 8 @ 7pm (GUEST) FRI 12 @ 7pm
CPT: SUN 14 @ 6pm (GUEST) SAT 20 @ 6.15pm

In theory, life partners Maya and Sasha are on the hunt for a sperm donor having decided to take the next step into parenthood. Practice, however, proves more difficult to achieve. Cruising the urban cafes and bars of London for the potential father of their child, the two lament that it so much easier for straight couples. But is it? Fiona and her partner, Todd, also on an impregnation mission, are not having the easiest of rides. Meanwhile, single photographer Gillian has decided to move on to the single parent stage and doesn’t seem to have as much trouble finding willing, if unsuitable, donors. This fresh, humorous look at the travails of getting pregnant and the anxieties surrounding impending motherhood is loosely interwoven and illustrated by Sasha’s pen and ink drawings.

Lisa Gornick is a guest of the Festival, courtesy of the British Council.

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  • Berlin 2007 – Britspotting, Best Feature Award

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