DIRECTOR: Regis Musset
France 2006 91min

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In imitable quirky French style, the proud liberal parents of thirty-something, banker Jeremy descend into crisis when he celebrates moving into a new house with his older, long-term boyfriend by finally announcing to the family that he is gay. Seen from the point of view of his erstwhile loving and open-minded family, his upbeat father plummets into farcical, almost pathological, despair as he becomes obsessed with his son’s ‘position’ in the relationship. His supportive mother ventures on a voyage of self-discovery, befriends her bitter gay co-worker and re-evaluates the meaning of motherhood. Now that their shining light, Jeremy, has temporarily dimmed in their eyes, the youngest brother is unwittingly hauled into the spotlight. Questioning the strength of familial and other relationships that are often taken for granted, this delightful movie explores difficult personal questions in a fresh and approachable way.


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