DIRECTOR: Cherisse & Katrina Deaton
USA 2007 107min

JHB: WED 10 @ 7.30pm (GUEST & PANEL) SUN 14 @ 6pm
CPT: FRI 12 @ 8.30pm (GUEST) WED 17 @ 6.45pm

Taylor Hayes is a bright, sassy young black woman in a hetro-relationship, and an essential member of a dynamic foursome of friends. Scratch a little at the surface and we find that Taylor has a penchant for women and aggressively pursues them with a devil-may-care attitude. Taylor spends considerable energy in denial, trying to balance the extreme sides of her life, until she meets and seduces the beautiful, straight Mya. From a staunch Baptist family, Mya is bound to tell the truth about her new relationship, something that Taylor has trouble doing, and matters come to a head. Astute and engaging, this low budget film depicts the obstacles that the intolerant expectations of a community place in the path of true love.

Writer, actress Katrina Deaton is a guest of the Festival.


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