DIRECTOR: Angelina Macarrone
Germany 2007 97min

JHB: FRI 5 @ 9pm THURS 11 @ 9.15pm
CPT: MON 15 @ 7pm FRI 19 @ 7pm

From the director of two OIA hits (Unveiled and Everything Will Be Fine) comes this mature film, drifting with rich urban enchantment between the grungy streets of Germany and Rotterdam. The complex, looping narrative structure of this nocturnal road trip belies a simple and delightful tale of abandonment, responsibility and perception. Briefly, on Christmas Eve, responsible Francesca (a German taxi-driver) must go in search of her errant sister, Antoinetta, which leads her to a Rotterdam bar. Along the way she rescues the ageing Gerlinde, and falls in love with her, and Gerlinde nursing her own disappointments and for lack of anything better to do, tags along. As the 24-hour story rewinds and plays again from each woman’s perspective, the gaps are filled in and each event altered in the retelling.

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