DIRECTOR: Thomas Gustafson
USA 2008 95min

JHB: FRI 5 @ 7pm SUN 7 @ 7.30pm FRI 12 @ 6.45pm
CPT: SAT 13 @ 5.45pm TUES 16 @ 6.45pm FRI 19 @ 8.30pm

This fun, dazzling and amusing musical-of-errors with a first rate ensemble cast and dishy lead is a magical modern interpretation of Shakespeare set amidst the familiar scenarios of high school angst and adolescent crushes. Timothy copes at his expensive, testosterone-fuelled boys’ school by daydreaming elaborate musical extravaganzas that feature the school’s rugby team. When the eccentric drama coach casts him as Puck from Midsummer Night’s Dream, it looks like Timothy’s sequin-filled dreams could turn into reality. Especially when he finds a potent love spell hidden within the script. He now has the means, and his fascination for rugby star Jonathon provides the motive, to turn the whole narrow-minded small homophobic town gay.

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  • Florida FF 2008 Audience Award
  • Torino IG&LFF 2008 Audience Award
  • Inside Out Toronto 2008 Audience Award
  • Nashville FF 2008 – Best LGBT Film & Best Music in a Feature Film
  • Connecticut G&LFF 2008 – Director’s Award
  • Fort Worth G&LFF – Jury Award Best Film
  • Outfest G&LFF – Grand Jury Award For Outstanding U.S. Dramatic Feature
  • Philadelphia Int’l G&Lff – Scion Award For First-Time Director:
  • Honolulu Rainbow FF – Best Narative Feature

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