DIRECTOR: Lucia Puenzo
Argentina/France/Spain 2007 86min

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CPT: THURS 18 @ 7pm TUES 16 @ 7pm SAT 20 @ 6pm

Living in a coastal Uruguayan town, Alex has been isolated and protected, for the past 15 years, by her parents Kraken and Suli. As puberty gets its grip on the teenager they think that now is the time for Alex to make a decision regarding her gender identity. Her mother invites a top plastic surgeon and his family to stay with them, to assist with a decision, but sexually aggressive Alex is far more interested in the plastic surgeon’s closeted son, Alvaro. While the parent’s agonise over the conundrum of Alex’ gender, the teens get on with their complex exploration of sexuality and identity. Beautifully shot, sparsely scripted, with stellar performances, this calmly observed and quietly unassuming film is as much about the psychological fallout of family anxieties, than the confusion surrounding Alex’s gender.

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  • Cannes 2007 – Critics Week Grand Prize and Grand Golden Rail
  • Edinburgh IFF 2007 – New Director’s Award
  • San Francisco ILGFF 2008 Audience Award Best Feature Film
  • Athens IFF – Golden Athena Award
  • Bangkok IFF – Golden Kinnaree Award Best Picture
  • Goya Awards 2008 Best Spanish Language Foreign Film


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