DIRECTOR: Sam Zalutsky
USA 2007 82min

JHB: FRI 5 @ 6.45pm FRI 12 @ 7.30pm
CPT: SUN 14 @ 5.45pm SUN 21 @ 6pm

Preceeded by Snakes

In the vein of all suspense movies, this uneasy thriller follows the misfortunes of scorned rookie-architect Jeffery and his obsession with the man who jilted him – so much so he doesn’t see other dangers circling him. Jeffery hooks up with bad-boy Rene, but when foreplay is interrupted, Rene backs off and very obviously moves on. Jeffery stalks Rene, and even moves into the flat below, ignoring the creepiness of landlady Gladys (queer icon actress Patti D’Urbanville). But Jeffery’s transition into Rene’s life is not as silky as he expects, for Rene is involved and Jeffery’s attentions are unwelcome. And then there’s the troubling hurried nature of the previous tenant’s departure that comes into sharp focus when his boyfriend turns up one night drunk and hysterical. Although he makes some pretty erroneous decisions, Jeffery’s turn as stalker-turned-victim works its magic as the sinister building and its characters provoke claustrophobia and creeping paranoia.

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  • Script – Finalist, Sundance Screenwriters Lab / Richard Vague Award, NYU