Please keep an eye on this post for updates on Panelists: not all participants have been confirmed.

Another Woman

Jhb, Sat 6 Sept, 7pm

Mzi Nduna: Lecturer, Dept. of Psychology (WITS), researcher in the field of sexuality. Member of the Gender DynamiX Management Committee.
Juan Nel: Director, UNISA Centre of Applied Psychology.
Robert Hamblin: photographer / contemporary artist, he is Transgender, female to male, and a founding member of Gender Dynamix.

Robert Hamblino

CT, Sat 13 Sept, 6pm

Lincoln Theo: Forsook legal practice for a PhD in queer fetish sex. Teaches scriptwriting, social and gender studies, and writes for the Pink Tongue.
Mary Hames: Director, Gender Equity Unit (UWC). Writes and comments on the status and perceptions of, particularly, black lesbians in a post-apartheid South Africa. Board member of FEW.
Ronald M. Addinall: A clinical social worker and sexologist who specialises in gender variance. He identifies as a trans-positive therapist and facilitates the transgender support group at Triangle project as well as offers individual psychosexual therapy to gender questioning and gender variant individuals. He regularly consults for and collaborates with Gender Dynamix. He will be part of the Gender Dynamix panel discussion following the screening of Another Woman.

Lincoln Theo [singlepic id="147" w="" h="150" mode="" float="left" ]


Jhb, Wed 10 Sept, 7.30pm

Representatives of the Forum for Empowerment of Women (FEW) will engage in conversation with Director Katrina Deaton about issues raised by her fIlm.

The Bubble

Jhb, Tue 9 Sept, 7.30pm

David Bilchitz: Senior Researcher at the SA Institute for Advanced Constitutional Law, founding chairperson of Jewish OutLook. As legal advisor to OUT LGBTI Well-being he was instrumental in the same-sex marriage campaign.
Lael Bethlehem: CEO of the Johannesburg Development Agency. She is married to Emilia Potenza and they have two daughters

For The Bible Tells Me So

Jhb, Sat 13 Sept, 7.30pm

Janine Preesman: Senior Pastor of Glorious Light MCC, first officially designated Religious Marriage Officer. She considers herself a Queer Feminist Liberation Theologian.

Douglas Torr: Douglas Torr has been an Anglican minister in  the Johannesburg Diocese for 21 years, and ‘out’ for as long as the Out In Africa Film Festival has been going. He is currently rector of a small, conservative parish, the oldest in Johannesburg, where is is attempting to bring about change. There he works on Justice and Peace issues as the Social Responsibility co-ordinator. He has been involved with religious issues pertaining to the LGBTI community for over a decade.

Philip Liebenberg: Philip Liebenberg is pastor of Die Kapel in Melville, Johannesburg, and author of “Daar’s ‘n Gay Pastoor in my Kop“.

CT, Mon 15 Sept, 6.30pm

Rowan Smith: Ordained in 1968, became Dean of St. George’s Cathedral, Cape Town, in 1996.
Judith Kotzé: Ordained in 1995 as a Dutch Reformed minister, currently a full-time senior program manager for Inclusive and AffIrming Ministries.
Pressley Sutherland: Pastor-elect of Good Hope Metropolitan Community Church, he has been involved in queer-empowering spiritual work and justice activism for 20 years.

Judith Kotze [singlepic id="151" w="" h="150" mode="" float="left" ] Rowan Smith

Rampant: How a City Stopped a Plague

Jhb, Sat 6 Sept, 8pm

Jay Matlou: Co-ordinator, Preventive Initiative for Sexual Minorities (PRISM) Project for OUT LGBT Well-Being.
Jason Wessenaar: Project Director for a workplace Counseling and Testing project at JHPIEGO and a director for the Mercy AIDS Foundation. Jason was diagnosed HIV positive in 1999 and has been living openly with HIV since 2001.
Pierre Brouard: Deputy Director, Centre for the Study of AIDS (UP).
SISONKE members (Gauteng sex workers support organisation) will participate from the floor.

Jason Wessenaar

CT, Wed 17 Sept, 7pm

Vanessa Ludwig: Director of the Triangle Project—an LGBTI support, services and advocacy organisation, specialising in sexual health issues.
Nicoli Nattrass: Professor of Economics and Director of the AIDS and Society Research Unit (UCT). She is the author of Mortal Combat: AIDS Denialism and the Struggle for Antiretrovirals in South Africa.
Eric Burrell: Programmes Manager for the men’s health research arm of the Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation, Earl is currently conducting HIV prevention research with urban and township men who have sex with men (MSM) in Cape Town, South Africa.