How to lock down your facebook profile

Are you addicted to Facebook? Hell, even if you are not an addict, chances are you’ve signed up without fully going through the privacy settings properly. And sure, FB is a great way to communicate with friends, but if you aren’t careful, some information you would rather remain private could be exposed! Especially with those millions of quiz apps, many of which are data mining apps in disguise!

The How-To Geek provides a really good article showing you exactly how to lock down your facebook account.

Facebook Privacy settings

The article covers how to control what information is on your wall, and what posts to your friends walls, what other people can see about you in searches, how to block people (can you say, stalker ex?), and importantly, how to control what information Facebook Apps can access (do they really need to know your political leanings, or that you are a Fan of XYZ gay pages?). Tired of getting a message every time someone makes a move in Mafia wars, or Farmville? Find out how to block those too.

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