Get off the treadmill — and get on to the treadmill desk

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You can walk and chew gum at the same time, but can you walk and work at the same time? I don’t think I could except maybe for mostly mindless tasks like going through email.

But Steelcase, the long-time US office furniture manufacturer, is betting that we sluggards can walk and work simultaneously. The company wants us to switch from workstation to its Walkstation, which combines a desk with a treadmill that operates at low speed and more quietly than your average treadmill. Steelcase charges $5000 or more for the Walkstation. In this economy? Well, maybe. Given the list price of most office furniture, perhaps that’s not out of line.

Sal Cangeloso has posted his hands-on (feet-on?) review of the Walkstation at Geek.com. He reports that companies are saving money by buying Walkstations for a workgroup. Members of the group then sign up to use it at specific times.

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