Get your own back on your snoring partner with SnorePro

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Here’s a gadget that no-one wants to unwrap for their birthday–but that people would love to give to their partners, I’m sure. [I know I certainly do! ;]

It’s a device which your favorite snorer attaches to their wrist like a watch. But instead of telling the time, the Snorepro zaps them with a mild electric shock (if there is such a thing as a mild electric shock) when it detects that their snoring has reached unacceptable levels. [Love it!]

If this doesn’t work, it full-on electrocutes the bugger. Oh, wait–maybe that’s not right… it just records the noise so the two of you can relive the happy memories together the next morning.

Post by Diane on PopGadget, via Boing Boing Gadgets.

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