Have you upgraded to Office 2007?

Here at Out in Africa, we’ve all switched to Office 2007, which is a phenomenal improvement on previous versions. At first, the changes to the interface may seem a little daunting, and you may hate it in the beginning (I know I did), but once you’ve  acclimated to the new design, you’ll wonder how you ever managed to be productive in the past. To help you out with this, check out Wilkes University’s fabulous video tutorials on various Office 2007 products. They are seriously useful and very down-to-earth videos, made by doctoral students in their Instructional Development and Delivery course.

Check it out:http://course.wilkes.edu/ED641/intro

Note: these videos are shockwave files, so you will need something like Adobe Flash Player and Shockwave in order to view them. Download this free software at http://www.adobe.com/downloads.

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