Inside Trip: for every travel variable you can think of

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When I’m taking a trip (which looking at my latest credit card bill, might be a rhetorical statement for quite some time), I admit the main factor I consider when picking flights is cost (quickly followed by time of day – no way can I get to an airport before 5AM).

My mom, on the other hand, wants to know everything: how many seats does the plane have, what’s the legroom like in coach, will there be a cafe at the airport that’s open before 5AM (hey, things don’t always go my way…).

Travel obsessives now have all their prayers answered thanks to a new site called Inside Trip, which allows users to compare flights by factors ranging from lost bag rank to seat comfort, giving each trip an overall trip quality rating.

I like to live life on the edge, and find out when I get there (you can’t possibly account for every variable, after all), but for frequent travelers or anyone like my mom who just has to know, this could be a real boon.

By Diane at PopGadget, Via Geeksugar.

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