Say no to Chinese Fur Farms

We recently received a very sad, shocking and heartbreaking “chainmail” petition about Chinese fur farms, and were moved enough to implore our website readers to put their names to it. This PETA website shows a video from a hidden camera where the animals on this farm were skinned alive and then tossed onto a pile of carcasses. Some of the animals were still alive after being skinned. Its awful, and if you are a sensitive person, we urge you not to look at the video (it will have you in tears), but please do sign the petition. Unfortunately, chainmail/email petitions are notoriously ineffective, but we did find an online petition for this, hosted by PetitionOnline: http://www.petitiononline.com/stopcff/petition.html. Please, add your name and forward this to everyone you know!

Pledge to go Fur Free

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