The Day After Freedom Day — LGBTI Freedom and Equality in South Africa and Africa

Black working class lesbians raped and murdered in South Africa; gay men arrested, humiliated, degraded and detained in Malawi; mob violence led by Christian and Muslim clerics against Kenyan gay men; a sustained campaign of homophobia in Uganda culminating in the Anti-Homosexuality Bill in its Parliament and gay men imprisoned in Senegal for attending an HIV conference are some of the examples of a sexual panic that is taking hold of the Continent.

The cruel wave of homophobia sweeping the African continent is cause for anger, revulsion and activism by every thinking person. Despite its terror, the homophobia also creates the possibility for an open discussion of sexuality among all people on our continent who consider themselves democrats. Many people (who otherwise would have ignored equality on the basis of sexual orientation) now see the homophobic attacks by governments, religious and traditional leaders as an attack on democracy and all human rights. How we transform this minority of democrats into a critical mass that can defend and advance equality for all is the central question of a discussion document that is much longer. A shorter version is available on Writing Rights.

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