Buy fish responsibly with SASSI’s FishMS

Did you know tuna is not on the sustainable list? Sucks for sushi fans! The next time you are at a restaurant or out shopping for fresh fish, check whether that fish is on the sustainable fishing list by SMSing the fish species name to SASSI’s new FishMS service:

Send the name of the fish as a text message to the number 079-499-8795 you will get a prompt response telling you where the species is on the list, as well as some additional information such as minimum size and bag limit in the case of line-fish. The SMS is charged at standard cellular rates. (Only available in South Africa).

Green is good – healthy and well-managed populations that can sustain current fishing pressure.
Orange is is slightly dodge – these species may be legally sold by registered commercial fishers and retailers. However, an increased demand for these could compromise a sustainable supply, due to overfishing, environmentally damaging fishing methods, high bycatch, etc.
Red is illegal to buy or sell in South, Africa. Some of these “no-sale” species are very important recreational species that cannot handle commercial fishing pressures, and may therefore only be caught for your own enjoyment and use, subject to the possession of a valid recreational fishing permit and other restrictions that may apply (such as daily bag limits, closed seasons and minimum sizes).

I tested this yesterday by SMSing “bluenose” to the number. The info I got back was:

Bluenose (Bluefish).
Status: Green.
Deepsea fish often imported. Caught by longline and as trawl bycatch. Wrongly sold as ‘musselcracker’.

Good to know. It was quite tasty, by the way.

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