What to do with those old cellphones?

Did you know cellphones contain toxic metals? After upgrading every 2 years, how many old cellphones do you have lying around? Ways to reduce your waste (especially electronic waste — ie, computers, cellphones, electronics) can be found at www.e-waste.org.za. The site also lists collection points and recycling depots that you can take your e-waste to (many of which include shopping malls, so there’s no excuse that it’s “inconvenient”).

Alternatively, you can donate your stuff on the Greater Good SA’s website (the first online social marketplace for people who want to make a difference): http://www.myggsa.co.za/

And, you can join your local Freecycle email group to give away otherwise useful items that don’t need to go on the landfill. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure…

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