Inner star guide by Amadea, April 27- 3 May

Happy birthday Taurus! Time to go bonkers with a love brainstorm…


ARIES (21/3-20/4)

You may have to swallow a bitter pill with an event that doesn’t turn out the way you planned it. Do not lose courage, if you adjust your sails to the changing winds you will find yourself landing on some very interesting islands. You will not regret it! Refrain from tantrums and aggression in relationships: the Venus love vibe that is also in your star’s orbit is a much happier place to be. You betta believe it, ‘coz its true! And it is a choice, this time.

TAURUS (21/4-20/5)

You are stamping your feet and blowing fire and smoke in wild dances and trances to voodoo your sweetheart. You are at loggerheads and you are not going to give in, that much you know. You want to see exactly with how much you can get away…hmmm? Right, here’s a thought: once you get what you want, how long will that happiness last? Clue: the happiness that lasts the longest is the one that can accommodate both points and create new chemistry, a third force. Yes, it can make you bonkers, but love needs a lot of active madness.

GEMINI (21/5-20/6)

Come on, stop arguing with the desire to be happy, everyone wants it, be a daredevil now. Happiness is not an unreachable goal. There are actions you need to take to make yourself happy. It may take a little while to find out what those things are – about two years, yes, its not long, compared to a life of misery – and then to fine-tune them to BLISS, which is even better than happiness. OK Gemini, enough mental masturbation, back to simple happiness!!

CANCER (21/6-22/7)

One of your biggest love dreams is coming true. You are floating like an eagle across the blue sky, pecking here and there at another badly designed building, crapping on a poor window cleaner because, yes, you can. You feel drunk from happiness and impending mystery. Eina, you are about to wake up with a headache and hangover. The planetary shifts in your orbit that cause deceptive love entanglements are about to end. Reach for the hangover pills, in a day or two that will be gone too.

LEO (23/7-22/8)

Are you still wondering if you are doing the right or the wrong thing? It makes you feel like an old uncle in a funeral suit. It blocks your creativity. Follow your bliss. You need to break through to a new world without do’s and don’ts. Keep your do’s and don’ts personal, otherwise you are creating heavy vibes like lead fumes around people who are trying to work with you. The thing that will really set you free, is to dance, or to walk for a long day in nature. So turn on the music and skoffel until you feel freedom and bliss welling up in your body.

VIRGO (23/8-22/9)

Oh goodness… You are on a shopping/drinking/eating binge to get away from your work and the fact that one thing after the other is going wrong, and strues Bob, it’s not your fault. This uncharacteristic splurging is driving your stress levels sky high. Be careful about group pressure that make you do things that you won’t do normally. And above all, you don’t have to take responsibility for everyone’s mistakes. Sometimes things come right if you just leave them for a while. Try this, and wean yourself off da stressa. Bed-time can bring choclits, milo, gels and pretty smells with a loved on. Focus on that.

LIBRA (23/9-22/10)

You have to decide something about two people and the dice is dangerously dancing on its corners as if about to sneeze the big sneeze. Any one of your choices will affect your life deeply, don’t doubt that. Put the idea of a paradise with an eternal rainbow out of your mind. That might help you to realise that the right choice has to do with who you are – and not so much with the two people in question. Get a grip on your own attributes, dreams and ideals – write them down – and shift your focus away from them to yourself.

SCORPIO (23/10-22/11)

You feel cornered. You are trying your best, but friends or family are simply not hearing you. And you suspect they are plotting things against you. Don’t let your sharp Scorpio sting get the better of you. Rather rephrase your ideas and wrestle your opponents down in an honourable fashion. You know what perseverance is. Use it. Don’t let a fertile imagination distract you with wild suspicions and phantasmagorical fantasies about other people’s motives. That’s so-o-o-o-o Scorpio in a low self-esteem cycle – ag nee Sis, Boet, stop the hamster wheel in your head.

SAGITTARIUS (23/11-21/12)

Don’t allow work pressure and stress to pull you down into the doldrums. Find a place for yourself where you can see your dreams come true, a place where you can let your creativity come to the fore and do things the way you want to do them. You are sexually attractive at the moment. Enjoy it. An old argument with a family member is going sour again. You will have to iron this little pretzel out before it snowballs. It should not take too much effort, use your philosophical brain to help you to think out the most logical solution to the problem. Follow it.

CAPRICORN (22/12-20/1)

Your loved one may be making eyes at someone else, or someone else is making eyes at your loved one. Things are a bit confused at the moment. To top it all, your loved one is likely to be as closed as a sardine tin without an opener in a hundred miles about what’s really going on in his/her heart/and/or/head. You have never seen anyone moving so fast while standing still. Planetary changes are imminent and greater clarity will dawn on everyone. Sigh of relief. Than you Pluto, thank you Venus.

AQUARIUS (21/1-19/2)

You are hitting gold, and if you play your cards right, you can also buy an apartment in Cape Town’s Rosebank by the sea, aka Waterfront. Just joking. The point is, the walls have ears at the moment, and it is better to keep mum about your money matters. Some people may totally get the wrong idea. Your restlessness and almost mental burnout is slowly coming to an end. You will have to take stock to see what is real after this period of almost high drama. It may take a while, so make sure to give yourself the time and space to let things sink in.

PISCES (20/2-20/3)

Creative urges and romantic desires are still running passionately in you for a few days. You can have confidence in promoting yourself at the moment. Luck is on your side … do strike the iron while its hot. You don’t want to end up alone on the hill next to a kakiebos. It is a good time to invest in buying a house if you can at all. You are ready for some serious stability and to wave farewell to your Neptunian gypsy days of purple and pink. Of course, this does not mean that you cannot paint stars on the ceiling of your new home…

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