Tired of SMS spam?

The Direct Marketing Association of South Africa (DMASA) has launched multi-platform functionality for its Opt Out Register via SMS, Internet and call centre, which allows consumers to remove their details from mailing lists used by the association’s members to promote goods and services.

To add your details to the Don’t Contact Me list, phone the call centre on 0861 DMA DMA (0861-362-362) or log on to www.dmasa.org to access the association’s Opt Out Register, which removes your name and address from all prospect mailing lists used by members of the association.

By law, companies will have to run their list against the Opt Out Register and delete you off their database if you are on the register. Failure to do so could result in heavy penalties and the process will be regulated.

Unfortunately, it won’t stop all the junk mail you receive. You’ll still get correspondence from companies you already do business with, such as banks. Also, mail that is not personalised (e.g., addressed to “The Resident”) is allowed as well.

At least its a start… And it seems to work — since I registered, I have had a significant drop in cold-calls, sms’s and junk mail. Read more about it on IOL.

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