ORE – Making World History in Observatory, Cape Town

Picture by Tamarin Simpson, Courtesy of William Martin

The ever eclectic and eccentric Observatory has been graced by the world’s first magnetic wall art gallery, ORE. The name is derived from the gallery’s magnetic hanging system, a creation of Anton Middleton who co-owns the gallery with renowned BBC correspondent Caitlin Hood, who is the head of this project.

The gallery’s magnetic walls allow exhibition pieces to be hung in both traditional and non-conventional formats, allowing reformatting of an exhibition in a short time which, in turn, may redefine the whole exhibition. Not only is it an artist’s show space, it allows art to be constantly “recreated” within this space.

The opening exhibit at this exquisite gallery was the William Martin and Julie Donald curated show, Materiality: Ways of Seeing, with works from “never before seen artists” — one of the ORE goals, is to provide a platform for up and coming artists. The exhibition boasts work made of all sorts of materials, from double sided fibre self portraits to juxtaposed photographic images. It is a collection of immensely riveting imagery and objects. The exhibit definitely shows the amount of skill and creativity these artists have, with its pieces either telling more than one story or telling one story with crystal clarity. An exceptional job from William and Julie, who have chosen meaningful and tantalising works of art.

A series of exhibitions are lined up at ORE for the rest of the year, with one focusing on the effects of the World Cup. That show comes up after Materiality, which runs until 15 July. August will bring a show that pushes the boundaries of the ORE hanging system, the challenge being put to artists to present work which will best be showcased by this system — something worth looking forward to. Gallery exhibition has been escalated to a new level.

Watch the ORE space because this revolutionary gallery has a lot up its sleeve. Visit the gallery at 46 Lower Main Road, Observatory or call 021 447 4132 for more information.

ORE will also be opening a Gallery on Harrington Street in the Cape Town CBD.

Till next time, be good and take care.

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